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Premier League MW 32: Intro to Richard Rosario

Premier League MW 32: Intro to Richard Rosario

March 30, 2019

Meet my longtime friend and Premier League follower Richard Rosario. He's a guy I can always have a nice talk to when speaking about the sport or just anything else about life. He talks to us about his life in New York, the soccer scene in the city, his thoughts about the new Miami franchise and some Premier League footy.

In terms of Premier League, top matches this weekend are Liverpool vs. Tottenham, West Ham vs. Everton and Arsenal vs. Newcastle. Come join us in our preview!

Matchweek 28 - Premiere League

Matchweek 28 - Premiere League

February 27, 2019

Today we talk about...

Trippier securing Chelsea's derby win,

Newcastle is loving Migui Almiron,

Lukaku can score,

City and Liverpool earn 3 points each,

Ozil shows his class,

Leicester and Southampton earn magic points,

And Huddersfield Feeling better than ever while Everton takes care of Cardiff in Wales.

Thanks to Checkie Brown for the music "Funky Banane Nightclub (ID 210)."

Chelsea vs. Manchester United Special

Chelsea vs. Manchester United Special

October 18, 2018

We're back, but this time with a banger! The episode is split into 3 parts:

1) Interview with Matt Kirkpatrick-@kendallkickz

Matt is an informed Arsenal fan as well as an entrepreneur. We talk about his beloved Arsenal and then jump into a public interest interview about his business. Cool stuff!

2) Chelsea vs. Manchester United Preview and analysis 

Ricky talks about Chelsea and I talk about United. Our teams will face off early this weekend and we had some things to say about that!

3) Best 11 during the first quarter of the Season


Doherty   Gomez    Van Djik    Mendy

       Fraser     Jorginho     Madisson

Wilson           Lacazette          Hazard

You dont agree?!?! have a conversation with us through twitter and tell us why you disagree. 

We really hope you enjoy this. We're trying to come up with quality content. More new things coming soon.


Premier League Week 8

Premier League Week 8

October 5, 2018

We're back with some news, a matchweek 7 review and a short matchweek 8 preview. Also, at the end of the episode we introduce our first guest ever in the show. He won the FSF World Cup Challenge. Edgar Ulloa is a Chelsea fan.


I hope you enjoy the show! send us feedback!

Premier League MW 4 Preview

Premier League MW 4 Preview

August 31, 2018

Before the description, We're happy to announce that our shows will be available on Make sure you check us out there too!

We're back with another Preview, this time for Match-week! Before that we have some news including the Champions League draw and Captain America announcing his retirement. In this match-week we're presented some clean matchups between Licester vs. Liverpool, Watford vs. Tottenham and West Ham vs. Wolves. Huddersfield and Everton made it to the "You Matter as Much as Others" game of the week, in tother words, pure positivity going to both these teams. Thank you for tuning in 

00:15-03:21 Champions League Draw

03:21-04:35 New European Cup 

04:35-06:08 Clint Dempsey Retirement 

06:08-09:07 Leicester City vs. Liverpool

09:07-12:43 Watford vs. Tottenham

12:43-17:16 Chelsea vs. Bournemouth 

17:43-20:14 West Ham vs. Wolverhampton

20:14-23:58 Burnley vs. Manchester United

23:58-25:47 Brighton Hove-Albion vs. Fulham

25:47-29:30 Manchester City vs. Newcastle

29:30-32:48 Crystal Palace vs. Southampton

32:48-34:38 Cardiff City vs. Arsenal

34:38-35:47 Huddersfield vs. Everton

Premier League MW 3 Preview

Premier League MW 3 Preview

August 24, 2018

Succesfully keeping up with the schedule, Ricky and me have survived syllabus week (first week of school)! We are also presenting what we think is one of our most organized and overall best show yet. We're working really hard to bring quality by watching all games and replays, taking notes, doing research for news stories and last but not least working together as a team.

The show starts with our intro and is followed by the preview for match-week 3. We chose to go in order of inportance which allowed us to create a NEW FEATURE (YOU MATTER AS MUCH AS OTHERS) game of the week. This is where we choose what we think will be the match that people will pay the least attention to, and tell you why you definitely need to watch it! After that some news about La Liga and their plans to take a league game abroad to North America, Real Madrid's attendace in their opening game, and what Arsene Wenger has been up to these past few days.

Sorry that the intro was soo long. Just and update and thank you so much for sharing your time with us. 

0:00-0:55 Intro

0:55-3:22 Wolverhampton vs. Manchester City

3:22-6:27 Manchester United vs. Tottenham

6:27-9:22 Watford vs. Crystal Palace (Sorry for the transition, mixed up Molineux and Vicarage road)

9:22-12:33 Bournemouth vs. Everton

12:33-15:42 Newcastle vs. Chelsea

15:42-20:36 Arsenal vs. West Ham

20:36-23:03 Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion

23:03-25:42 Southampton vs. Leicester City

25:42-28:00 Fulham vs. Burnley

28:00-30:32 Huddersfield vs Cardiff City (YOU MATTER AS MUCH AS OTHERS) game of the week

30:32-38:40 News 

38:40-39:41 Outro


Premier League MW 2 Review

Premier League MW 2 Review

August 21, 2018

Match-week 2 id done and there are many instances to reflect on. Aguero finding a hat-trick with his last touch of the game, Etheridge's last minute penalty save giving hope to home supporters, and Brighton Hove-Albion beating up the bully, Manchester United. 

0:00-0:37 intro
0:37-4:42 Cardiff City vs. Newcastle United
4:42-11:02 Tottenham vs. Fulham
11:02-15:10 West Ham vs. Bournemouth
15:10-19:01 Leicester City vs. Wolverhampton
19:01-21:52 Everton vs. Southampton
21:52-29:30 Chelsea vs. Arsenal
29:30-32:56 Manchester City vs. Huddersfield
32:56-35:00 Burnley vs. Watford
35:00-37:49 Brighton Hove-Albion vs. Manchester United
37:49-41: Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace

Premier League MW 1 Review & MW2 Preview

Premier League MW 1 Review & MW2 Preview

August 17, 2018

First Episode with Ricky Sanchez as a co-host. Practice run. 

0:00-0:41 intro
0:41-5:07 Manchester United vs. Leicester
5:07-8:05 Newcastle vs. Tottenham
8:05-15:54 Huddersfield vs. Chelsea
15:54-18:04 Bournemouth vs. Cardiff
18:04-20:14 Watford vs. Brighton
20:14-24:54 Fulham vs. Crystal Palace
24:54-28:00 Wolves vs. Everton
28:00-32:52 Southampton vs. Burnley
32:52-34:26 Liverpool vs. West Ham
34:26-40:48 Arsenal vs. Manchester City
40:48-end Injuries and match-week 2 predictions

Premier League Transfer Deadline Day

Premier League Transfer Deadline Day

August 10, 2018

Premier League Transfer Window is now officially closed. Here we share some information about the all the deals finalized on August 9 ranging from big money signings (Kepa Arrizabalaga, Yerry Mina, Andre-Frank Anguissa) to year long loan deals (Kovacic, Sergio Rico, Leander Dendoncker). In the second half of the show, we bring you news from last week and this week. Frank Lampard and his debut as a manager. Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert managing an African side. How Target partnered with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to bring soccer fields around the nation open to the communities in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and accross the nation. Burnley and their path to Europa League. Nasri and his extended ban for dopage and FIFA 18 news including the winner of the E-World Cup and how much the gamers earned. 

Deadline: start-26:49

Contract Extensions: 27:32-28:24

Frank Lampard and Derby: 28:26-30:18

Seedorf and Kluivert: 30:23-31:40

MLS ALLSTAR: 31:45- 38:20

Burnley Europa: 38:28-39:05

Nasri Dopage: 39:10-40:33

Fifa E-World Cup: 40:35-end

Preview: Quarter-Finals (#SWE vs #ENG & #RUS vs #CRO)

Preview: Quarter-Finals (#SWE vs #ENG & #RUS vs #CRO)

July 6, 2018

Episode 2 of the Quarter final preview as promised! The yellow Swedish wall fending off English attackers while the Host country takes on Croatian invaders. Don't miss out on some pre-game information about the managers, team and predictions. Enjoy and thank you for the support of the last episode. You guys seemed to like it!